Soundpotai, the musical pouf that even the deaf can hear

Soundpotai lo sentono anche i sordi

"Vibrations spreaded from the pouf up to the body: they radiated up to the belly, flowed up the back, then radiating down legs and up again to the smallest, hidden muscles in their body, to join the most intimate part of them: the emotions."

Association of deaf children and adolescents – Doppio Ascolto - Rimini

Listening to music is a normal habit for us, but there are people for whom music has another meaning.
It’s not the simple sound that we all perceive, but a symphony of alternating vibrations which composes a melody unknown to us.

We are talking about deaf people.

A 4D design - how a musical pouf is born

Our products are more than simple decorative objects: they are projected for your daily-life spaces as multisensory design accessories to experience at home and at work.
Thanks to this philosophy the musical pouf has been conceived. It gives life to a new way to listen to music: Soundpotai.

It is more than a simple speaker, it is a modern eco-design seat with a technological soul that lets the benefic sound vibrations flow, for an exciting experience.

How design becomes democratic

At the trade show or in our showroom we really love to let visitors test our products firsthand and Soundpotai is the most amazing accessory to do that.

And then, precisely during one of these demonstrations, the mother of a boy suffering from some deficits
let us reflect about the future evolution of this item: Soundpotai had the potential to evolve from a "simple musical pouf" to an object of social inclusion.

Deaf people try Soundpotai

We re-engineered the design to allow an even deeper and enveloping vibrations experience, to capture and transmit each note with an incredible, natural sound.

Finally new Soundpotai was ready to be tried out. 
After a long stop of the associations due to the pandemic, in May 2021 we had the chance to test it.
We let deaf people test the pouf thanks to the collaboration with Doppio Ascolto, a non-profit organization based in Rimini supporting deaf children and teenagers.

Results were touching

One by one, children, then adults, sat on Soundpotai.
Music started, vibrations began to flow from the seat up to the body and then the magic happened.

Deafs began hearing music, through their hands, through their body, and start moving at the rhythm of their feelings.

“I felt a really strong  emotion, I was finally able to perceive what I normally don't hear, through my body and I needed to dance” tell us one of the participants.

So Soundpotai has become a truly inclusive product, in which inclusiveness means making daily life experiences - that seems ordinary to us - accessible to everyone .
Soundpotai is the democratic home decor accessory, that everyone can experience.

With Soundpotai #Musicisdemocracy


Doppio ascolto

We thank Doppio Ascolto Association and in particular the person in charge Maria Laura Profeta who allowed us to live this experience: Soundpotai, Doppio Ascolto children experience.

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