Albero di Natale senza plastica, orginale american vintage
Albero di Natale Glamour, vintage ecologico
Albero di Natale, ecologico in cartone naturale FSC
Albero di Natale ad incastro senza colla e plastica, certificato FSC
Albero di Natale al naturale con stampa atossica
Eco-friendly Christmas Tree Glamour

Eco-friendly Christmas Tree Glamour


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The most eco-friendly and beautiful Christmas tree of all. With the designs and shapes in the American vintage style of the 30s, it brings joy and decorates every room with originality. The illustrations are printed with certified inks, in white on a natural brown background and are made of sustainable FSC certified cardboard. It is 115cm tall and 75cm wide. Produced and designed in Italy. Plastic bye bye.

It mounts quickly, because the shaft is designed to interlock without glue. And when Christmas ends, you take it apart and put it away for the following year: the design is compact and takes up little space.

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