Cuccia per cani da interno ecodesign Dogpotai
Cuccia per cani di design
Indoor Dog House Dogpotai
Cuccia per cani da interno ecodesign Dogpotai
Cuccia per cani personalizzata
Cuccia per cani da interno ecodesign portatile
Cuccia per cani da interno - vista 3/4 frontale
Cuccia per cani da interno ecodesign Dogpotai
Cuccia da interno per cani Dogpotai
Cuccia per cani da interno Dogpotai - tetto Lilla
Cuccia per cani da interno ecodesign Dogpotai
Cuccia per cani da interno - vista 3/4 posteriore
Cuccia per cani personalizzata con il nome dell'animale
Indoor Dog House Dogpotai
cuccia per cani da interno standard e maxi
Cuccia per cani da interno personalizzata - tetto verde
Cuccia per cani da interno con nome cucciolo
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Indoor Dog House Dogpotai

Indoor Dog House Dogpotai


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A safe and welcoming place for your little dog's rest

"It was a dark and stormy night ..." thus begins the writings of The most famous dog in comics. " But even on the darkest and most stormy night, your little dog will have  the shelter suitable for his rest thansk to this designer doghouse

Customizable product with the name of your pet: choose the variant "With personalization"

Description of indoor house for dogs

"It was a stormy dark night" dog bed has a sloping red roof and a comfortable large entrance that allows your pet to observe what is happening around it ithout being bothered. Thanks to this you can easily and quickly clean his refuge.

A rear porthole promotes better air circulation against the formation of annoying odors inside the kennel.

Easy to clean, guarantees a high level of hygiene .

The modern design is made with the exclusive Rippotai visible joint system, without nails, glues or dangerous elements for your friend.

I materials are non-toxic , completely eco-friendly and water-based inks they do not release harmful particles into the environment.

An iconic piece of design, a safe haven for your cat or small dog

From today you can also customize it with the name of your puppy:
choose the variant with customization and write us the name of your best friend in the notes.

Additional information for indoor dog's house

  • The bed is suitable for cats and small dogs (max 10/12 kg)
  • The indoor kennel arrives already closed and assembled 
  • Dimensions (base x height x depth):
    50x40 (max) x50 
    47x36 (max) x40
  • Pattern: "> It was a dark and stormy night ... (red roof, white walls)
  • Materials:
    the indoor dog house is made of extra-resistant and sustainable honeycomb cardboard with a thickness of 14 mm 
    inks of water-based printing: natural, non-toxic, ecol-friendly
  • Design: eco-friendly respectful of the environment
  • Sustainability: 100% recyclable
  • Totally Made in Italy
  • Warnings: the kennel is easily transportable thanks to the integrated handles but it hasn't been conceived to bring your pets around. Do not move it with the pet inside.

Each order is carefully prepared for shipment to ensure that it is not affected by the journey it is about to take. Recycled and recyclable materials are used in the packaging, where possible. From "on demand" production to the warehouse the road is very short, but to ship your order we try to accumulate as many deliveries as possible, so don't get impatient. We don't want to make you feel guilty, which is why you also have fast shipping available.

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I cuccioli amano sgranocchiare tutto è vero, mentre i cani più in là con l'età tendono ad usarla proprio solo come una cuccia. Quello che ti possiamo garantire è che sia il cartone che gli inchiostri che usiamo sono atossici per i nostri piccoli amici.

La cuccia in cartone Rippotai è adatta a cagnolini di piccola taglia. La adorano anche i gatti!


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I purchased Soudpotai musical pouf and had it customized.
An innovative multifunctional and unique product.
Elena and Tito are very cute and very professional 😍
Highly recommended!!!


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Amazing products


Rimini - Italy


I have been working for more than a year with Elena and Tito who support me in graphic creativity for catalogues, advertising in sector magazines and social media, videos/photos and many other activities for the company I work for. Their always available and friendly approach allows you to work as a team with great synergies day after day


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