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Eco-sustainable cat den Catpotai


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The original eco-friendly cat den designed by Rippotai®: is catpotai. Designed specifically for cats, you also use it as a home decor item in the rooms of your home. The natural and eco-friendly cat bed is made of super-resistant cardboard with a thickness of 14mm. No glue is used in the assembly, only joints. Comfortable and with a large side entrance, it also has an upper opening. By combining more Catpotai you will build an "amusement park" for your felines. Fantastic as a gift idea for all cat lovers, Catpotai is sturdy and colorful: the bed that every cat would love to own.

The kcat den  by Rippotai® id eco-friendly and natural and will be their best friend ... after you of course. It is conceived as a really nice home decor component which can be in harmony with any room of your home. You will no longer have to hide plastic or disliked cat dens. Rippotai® is the first box also designed for your best friends. In addition, it is eco-sustainable and is a new way of fdecorating the home.

Main features of the Catpotai cat bed:

  • Cube measures 33 × 33 cm in resistant and sturdy cardboard (1.4 cm thick).
  • Pre-cut hole to use as an entrance
  • Integrated handles
  • Eco-friendly design that respects the environment
  • Plenty of space and warmth, cardboard protects
  • The patterns we offer are a nice pop vision of our cat friends of all colors. Will they be able to change the world?


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