Portabottiglie e lampada da tavolo Bubble Lantern - illuminazione e articoli per la casa
Lampada da tavolo di design Bubble Lanter
Lampada da tavolo e portabottiglie - Bubble Lanter -  illuminazione e articoli per la casa
Portabottiglie Bubble Lantern - idea regalo
Portabottiglie Bubble Lantern - idea regalo originale
Lampada da tavolo kit Giallo oro
Lampada da tavolo Kit nero
Lampada da tavolo Kit rosso

Bottle Holder and Lantern: Bubble lantern


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Bottle holder and lampshade

The perfect gift idea for a dinner invitation, the Bubble Lantern bottle holder becomes an original and eco-sustainable table lamp


A bottle of wine is a precious gift for a dinner invitation. And then? And then only an empty bottle remains.
Give your gift the right emphasis: with Bubble Lantern bottle holder the designer gift box turns into an original lampshade, eco-friendly and 100% Made in Italy .

Bubble Lantern is the gift idea for wine lovers who like design , good ideas and excellent old wines

Additional information

As all Rippotai ® products, this bottle holder and table lamp is made of super resistant and eco-friendly material

  • Measurements (base x depth x height):
    10 x 10 x 25.5 cm
  • Materials:
    • eco-friendly extra resistant cardboard with a thickness of 1.4 cm
    • pattern inks: natural, non-toxic, ecological, certified
  • Electrical accessories not included,
    find here your accessories for the Bubble Lantern
  • Sustainability: 100% recyclable
  • Design Made in Italy


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