Plantable pencil with seeds
Matite piantabili personalizzate con semi
Matite piantabili personalizzate con semi
Plantable pencil with seeds
Matite piantabili personalizzate con semi
Matite piantabili personalizzate con semi

Plantable pencil with seeds


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Write, sharpen and plant!

Plantable pencils are part of Rippotai Teiknote range and are made with mixed recycled newspaper containing seeds of chamomile flowers. Whenever the pencil it is tempered the shavings can be planted: from your words flowers are born!

The plantable pencil is inserted inside a original blister also made of plantable paper containing mixed flower seeds much loved by bees and butterflies.

You can use the blister las a bookmark and when you decide not to use it anymore, just wet it abundantly and put it in a jar with a little soil. Cover everything with more soil and wet. The sprouts will start appearing after a short time!

The pencils and blisters are fully customizable for events and special occasions such as corporate teambuilding, trade shows, eco-friendly gadgets, ceremonies, graduations and weddings. Contact us to get your personalized pencil here

Technical specifications

  • Pencil: 175x170mm
    Material: recycled paper mixed with plant seeds
  • Blister: 210x49mm
    Material: recycled paper mixed with plant seeds


Each order is carefully prepared for shipment to ensure that it is not affected by the journey it is about to take. Recycled and recyclable materials are used in the packaging, where possible. From "on demand" production to the warehouse the road is very short, but to ship your order we try to accumulate as many deliveries as possible, so don't get impatient. We don't want to make you feel guilty, which is why you also have fast shipping available.

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E' una matita realizzata con carta riciclata impastata con semi di camomilla e assenzio. Non è realizzata in legno ed è per questo che è assolutamente 0 sprechi. Tutte le volte che la temperi puoi seminare ciò che hai temperato!

Per la personalizzazione contattaci, ci sono minimi d'ordine per poter personalizzare la matita. Altrimenti per quantitativi bassi possiamo aggiungere il blister e personalizzare solo quello.


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