Paravento ecologico e di design Ginkgo
Paravento ecologico e di design con seduta Gingko
Paravento giapponese Wallpotai Ginkgo per ambienti romantici

Screen and interior room divider in japan style Wallpotai Ginkgo


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Elegant and romantic, with a pattern inspired to Japan  with Ginkgo leaves, the Wallpotai Ginkgo screen is a unique, original and at the same time eco-sustainable room divider. It can be used to isolate the house working area with style or to create a studio or an intimate and welcoming design corner in any room of the house.


The Wallpotai Ginkgo romantic indoor screen is ideal for creating a cozy and intimate corner within your rooms.

Outline your open spaces with its elegant oriental and designer graphics .

Lightweight and handy, it moves around easily, and when not needed you can fold it up and put it aside.

Additional information

  • Dimensions (base x height):
    open format 100 x 160 cm
    closed format 33 × 160 cm
  • Patterns: printed on both sides - Ginkgo leaves on a blue background
  • Materials:
    extra strong and sustainable honeycomb cardboard with a thickness of 1.9 cm
    water-based printing inks: natural, non-toxic, eco-friendly
  • Design eco-friendly that respects the environment
  • Sustainability: 100% recyclable
  • Totally Made in Italy

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