Pouf musicale Soundpotai Ballet ambientata
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Love 40
Pouf musicale Soundpotai per la cameretta Ballet 40
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Ballet 33
Pouf musicale Soundptai Hip Hop 40
Pouf musicale Hip Hop Soundpotai 33
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Hip Hop ambientata
Pouf musicale Hip Hop 33 ambientata
Pouf musicale Soundpotai Love 33
Specifiche tecniche Soundpotai 33
Specifiche tecniche Soundpotai 40
Musical pouf for the children's room Soundpotai
Musical pouf for the children's room Soundpotai
Musical pouf for the children's room Soundpotai

Musical pouf for the children's room Soundpotai


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Without extra costs to you, we donate a portion of your purchase to a charity of your choice. offerto da

When you buy a Soundpotai, you are doing a responsible purchase and not only for the environment! Find out how.

Soundpotai is the Bluetooth indoor musical pouf that transforms listening to music into a multisensory experience.

The pouf transmits your favorite music through sound vibrations to the body, the experince is so enveloping that even people with hearing impairments perceive the sound.

Soundpotai is an inclusive and eco-friendly product, it is innovative, patented and you will love it.

The Soundpotai musical seat is made of eco-sustainable material, with the use of non-toxic inks and assembled with our special interlocking system without the use of glues.

A gesture of responsibility at the rythm of music

One out of every 10 Soundpotai sold will be donated to associations that support and improve the lives of deaf people.

When you receive it at home, you don't have to do anything. the sound cube is already assembled and working, you just have to turn it on and connect via bluetooth. Warning, ignition and operation must be controlled and operated by an adult. Soundpotai is not a toy, but a new listening experience suitable even for children.

With battery power too you take it, you move it, you use it everywhere. Choose your style and put it on display, the Soundpotai series is designed to be in full harmony with the spaces of your home. Great music, green design.


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