Colourful design storage stool Poufpotai
Colourful design storage stool Poufpotai

Colourful design storage stool Poufpotai


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The colored design storage stool Poufpotai is an original and eco-friendly saving space ottoman seat that decorates any room in the house with joy and style.

An innovative eco-design and interior design cube, environmentally friendly and made in Italy that can be used in many ways, in addition to a stool it can become an original cabinet, a bedside table, a coffee table or, an original container for bottles of wine on sight.

If you are looking for an original gift, for those who love design and strong nuances this design stool is the interior design for you.
It is perfect for all those who are looking for that natural and at the same time colorful detail, ideal for decorating thome or office with style and joy.

The stool Poufpotai is eco-friendly: sustainability is not made of words

The design stool  is made with eco-sustainable and recyclable materials . It is realized thanks to a joint system without the use of any glue. The printing inks are non-toxic, water-based certified.



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